We help businesses achieve effective marketing


Think professional marketing is beyond your means? Or that you have to limit your marketing activities? Not true! With the right marketing expertise you can achieve incredible results, within budget. 


B-Marketing can help you find the right marketing direction, define your marketing objectives and detail your marketing plan. We will tailor our Marketing Consultancy to your precise business needs.


We can act as your business's 'marketing department', taking care of all your marketing and communication needs. Just like an 'in-house' department, our Virtual Marketing Manager is there to answer your questions, give advice and provide the professional expertise you require - without all those added costs of directly employing staff.


Or, perhaps you are clear on your marketing and need help with a particular campaign or project. Campaign Management can help you through new projects or busy times, helping you achieve your objectives.

Does your business have an effective marketing strategy?


Full of bright ideas but no time or people to execute them?



Clear on your marketing, but need help for a particular campaign or project?